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Our main goal is to provide robust, flexible, cost effective and reliable cloud based and mobile solutions that preserve and maintain data quality and integrity in healthcare and clinical research.

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Naat Clínica is a platform that enables electronic data capture (EDC) for electronic case report forms (eCRFs). With this tool you can capture, store, edit and verify all data and information collected through the entire study, enhancing data quality and reducing monitoring, documentation and revision times in clinical studies.

Electronic case report forms allow organizations to optimize trial development and ensure data quality and interoperability. Our services:

• eCRF design: Includes protocol analysis for data entry form creation and data validation requirements. It is based on national and international regulations regarding electronic record management (FDA CFR 21.11)

• Data flow design and implementation

• Subject Database and Health Record integration

• Customized dashboards for advanced monitoring and tracking of studies

• Data export for analysis with commercial statistical tools, under international standards for data transfer (CDISC)

Naat Medik is an Electronic Health Record platform for hospitals, research centers or individual practice physicians. It helps register, track and maintain patients’ information, providing more accurate and on time analysis and decision-making.

Our solution is built based on interoperability standards.

It allows automation and simplification of patients´ care workflow, by generating a complete record of a subject’s health information during every clinical visit. It includes evidence to support decision-making and result reporting.

For multicenter organizations, it favors clinical document’s homogenization, allowing any authorized team member to access each subject´s health information.

Our platform is an independent and completely customizable module that can be integrated to NaatClinica in order to avoid double data capture, transcription errors and speed up development times for a specific trial.

Naat Docs allows you to manage, centralize and view every document, image or file from your organization, keeping a permanent audit trail record of every single file, allowing you to share them among all stakeholders involved in every process.

Our solution simplifies document collection, management, storage and tracking. Documents can be images or any other digital content used in your organization, taking advantage of public and private cloud benefits.

We developed this solution based on strategies, good practices, methods and tools involved throughout the whole lifecycle of regulated content in clinical trials.


• Remote access for documents to support audits, inspections and monitoring, from any place and device, always taking in consideration security and access levels

• Easy and friendly management and monitoring thanks to its control change, traceability (audit trail) and system validation features

• Using metadata for document searches, favoring cost and time savings

We have extensive experience developing mobile solutions for healthcare and clinical research.

Our solutions allow interactive access to information and management systems from any place and device (Apple, Android), with the goal of providing maximum mobility and information access, as well as cost reduction, timely decision making and increase in team’s productivity.

Some of our solutions are Pharmacovigilance reporting and real time sample registration.

Naat Transfer helps your organization process all the hard work of keeping data synchronized and clean. This helps maintain and improve data quality, reliability, compliance and accuracy for your clinical trials.

Data transfer from different devices to a database, report or any required format, without manual manipulation can be extremely time-consuming.

Our platforms are developed following international standards from COFEPRIS and FDA for electronic records management.

Naat Admin will help speed up, integrate and control your study management processes, track team performance, schedule activities, monitor and comply in a timely manner with the objectives and goals set by your organization.

Our process analysis, design and automation methodologies, in conjunction with our talented project management and development teams, allows us to offer a customized tool for your specific needs.